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March 17 2016


Erinn Carney - Zen Haus

Suite 2-4281 - 616 Corporate Way
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
(845) 521-7418

An Easy to get to Iodine Supplement
As Zen Haus strives to train the public about the dangers of iodine deficiency, the nutraceutical brand has launched their very own iodine tablets online.

U . s . - March 15 2016: Iodine is a crucial mineral that is detected in almost every organ and tissue inside the human body. It is vital for maintaining proper thyroid function and cell metabolism. Unfortunately, around 2 billion people worldwide are at risk for iodine deficiency.

So that you can provide people with an easy to get at and affordable iodine supplement, the brand new nutraceutical brand, Zen Haus, has developed their own iodine tablets and released them on Amazon.com earlier this year.
The ZH Iodine Supplement is designed to help aid weight loss, support pregnancy lactation which will help prevent thyroid conditions. Each iodine tablet has a high dosage of 12.5mg of iodine, in addition to traces of selenium and potassium, which boost efficiency. The company claims that the pills contain no taste and are made small to ensure they're easy to swallow.

The ZH Iodine Supplements contain 200 pills per bottle and so are currently available on Amazon. To explore their benefits in order to purchase a bottle, go to the product page directly.

About Zen Haus:
Based in the United States, Zen Haus is a new nutraceutical brand that emphasizes quality, modern taste and traditional sensibilities. They will help educate people about the epidemic of iodine deficiency as well as the functions that iodine plays by the body processes. The company is currently focusing on creating a charitable project to distribute iodine to areas of the world where deficiency is most typical. To find out more information about Zen Haus, visit their website at myzenhaus.com.


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